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domingo, 11 de noviembre de 2007

Home » , , , , » Mantus - Abschied 2001

Mantus - Abschied 2001

Genre/Género: Darkwave
Country/País: Alemania

Aca otra colaboracion de dark q nos deja este disco

01 - Tanz Der Sinne
02 - Tränen
03 - Angst
04 - Im Licht Der Nacht
05 - Ewigkeit
06 - Liebe Vergeht
07 - Unterwelt
08 - Kleiner Engel Flügellos
09 - Pathos
10 - Abschied

Perdonen por no ponerlo Antes
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5 comentarios:

Anonymous dijo...

please let me know what the password is :-)

Anonymous dijo...

Y el Pass? :(

Vorth dijo...

hmm, what the pass??

KRIEGVöGEL dijo...

HU perdonen no sabia q tenia pass, le voy a preguntar al q me lo mando y lo pongo cuando antes si lo sabe

Anonymous dijo...

Overall password is ManHunter (seems that file's been borrowed from Region59 post, but nevermind, let the music roll on.
Though, there's a fatal error with this file ---> an archive within an archive: first it seems to be 2001's edition of 'Abschied', but it is 2000's album 'Liebe und tod', archived in the first one. Wotamistakatomaka.
Instead of losing time here, try original link at there are other Mantus works, too.
l e c o n t y