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martes, 16 de octubre de 2007

Home » » Virtual Server - Setup (2007)

Virtual Server - Setup (2007)

Genre/Genero: Electropop, Dancepop
Country/Pais: Rusia

Aca les dejo un excelente cd, lleno de invitados asombrosos que no se pueden perder, yo diria que este es uno de los mejores cds del año en su estilo, espero lo disfruten



[1] My Preservation (featuring Psyche)
[2] The Earth (featuring Iris)
[3] My Inner Peace (featuring Rename)
[4] Desperate Man (featuring Echo Image)
[5] Razor (featuring Assemblage 23)
[6] I Will Fly (featuring Colony 5)
[7] Its in All of Us (featuring Perfidious Words)
[8] Kept You (featuring Wave In Head)
[9] Apollo - Souyz
[10] Hopes (featuring The Promise)
[11] Tropfen Im Ozean (featuring P24)
[12] In A Hour From Now (featuring Color Theory)
[13] Never (featuring !distain)


[1] My Preservation (K.Kusaka & Kenichi T. Mix)
[2] Desperate Man (Nevarakka Mix)
[3] The Earth (Beborn Beton Remix)
[4] I Will Fly (Hot Rain Remix)
[5] It's In All Of Us (Digital Machine remix)
[6] Tropfen im Ozean (Nico’s Syntphonic-Remix)
[7] My Dimension feat. Syrian (Previously Unreleased)
[8] Kept You (Haloed Ghost Remix)
[9] Razor (P24 Mix)
[10] My Inner Peace (Rename - Outer Space Mix)
[11] Tropfen im Ozean (Mad M – Megabounce Mix)
[12] Razor (People Theatre - Punishment mix)
[13] Desperate Man (Desperate Mix)
[14] In An Hour From Now ( - Potential Energy Mix)
[15] Hopes (BBM Mix)
[16] Tropfen im Ozean (F.P. - Sensible Touch RMX)
[17] Never (Arnold Stolting's Reggae Mix)

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Anonymous dijo...

Hi, I'm from Poland. You're blog is exactly what I need, everything clear and great. Now I'm looking for this album:

Band is called "Dumper" I search almost everywhere... and nothing.