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sábado, 17 de agosto de 2013

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Sex Gang Children - Viva Vigilante

He was young, very young, when they came to me. The first album I took of them did with the curiosity of an ignoramus who want to leave their ignorance, was "Blind" ... Now is an unforgettable drive is part of my legend.

I went for the first time, the strange sound heard so far, I knew The Cure, Joy Division, Sex Pistols, and others, but, really, I had not known the genuine Rock Underground.

Now, over 15 years later, not only Blind Batcave approached me and part of my definition, but it marks a beginning and an end connected with a woman he met through would come with her to approach a part me looking for that same disc. It was magical, as was meet, and as it is let go and enter that pain for it.

I'm more mature, everything has changed and what was not, now I'm in another ...

Blessed a new album of Sex Gang Children. A good album not far from them to what we are used; quality music ethereal, dark, predatory, intelligent, poetic, strong ... Sex Gang Children will always be the heirs of Punk, strong in the Batcave. So are legendary.

EXPENTANCY: Batcave & Post Punk
FELLOW: Alien Sex Fiend/Specimen/Zadera

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