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sábado, 19 de octubre de 2013

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Damnare - A Rose In Her Grave


Damnare is a solo project that emerged in the Republic of Panama and rescues the forest ethereal mysticism. Obscure music made ​​in Latin America. "A Rose In Her Grave" is a material fresh out of the ovens computational only member of this project, a young man to the marrow influenced by Sopor Aeternus and eerie, ethereal sound of the Gothic. This disc is very similar to the early work from mysticism characteristic of "Anna-Varney Cantodea", it's a very dense, very dark.

Actually, A Rose In Her Grave is an album not negligible. The criticism towards him would be about the similarity to known projects & mortuary issues recurring fantasy; but, would not stop listening to the album.

EXPENTANCY: Gothic/Ethereal/Dark Wave
FELLOW: Sopor Aeternus

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