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lunes, 3 de febrero de 2014

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Underground Belgian Wave: Only Released On Tape Before

The Belgian wave is usually dark, Dantesque, dismal... and experimental electronic. And this compilation is not an exception.

Eastern Europe coming bands such as Company Of State, that execute the special genre EBM, Industrial Rock a powerful and immensely rich experimental music textures. This is because Belgium was always better than the UK to exercise obscure music, environment, climate and history were favorable to it.

In this compilation, since discontinued and difficult to access (I integrate post to exclusive Ergô Felix Culpa), is a delightful gem of a minimalist;  limited edition of 500 copies... Minimalist Dark Wave.

FELLOW: Dark Wave, Post Punk, Minimal

  • Asmodaeus - Radiation Dance 
  • Asmodaeus - Second Time Is Different 
  • M.Bryo - Shift 
  • M.Bryo - Shrinking Room 
  • Ratbau - Show Me How 
  • Ratbau - Moscow Ist Frei 
  • Danton’s Voice - Easy life 
  • Schicksal - Time 
  • Schicksal - Saturday 
  • Emotional Violence - Spiders Web 
  • Emotional Violence - Feeling The Cold 
  • Vita Noctis - Hade 
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