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domingo, 23 de marzo de 2014

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Beyond The Frames of Light & Strange Sounds (Three Volumes)

Sometimes I think my physician has tricked me. The world is not better than I think, I see no indication that this will change. Before my eyes appears a gray world, dead and insane pursuit of progress, but that attractive label is reserved for the usual suspects.

What we are left in this gray day? There is a need to barbarism night approaches and autumn announces further chaos.

You should experiment with all trial and error, white, yellow, green and gray. You need to try everything and be a little more barbaric. Rome is dead, and our turn will come.

Before sunset are already registered imagination of a select group of men. Radiation synthesis, analogs, experimentalists of our time and form.

See three short films for human experimentation. They should take pains with strange ink from absolute modernity, where everything is nothing.



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