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lunes, 18 de abril de 2011

Schattenschlag - Augenblicke (The Hidden Chapters) (EP) - 2009

Género : Electro-dark, EBM.
País : Irlanda.

Bit rate : 160 kbps

Info PDF dentro del rar.

Tracks :

01. Zucht Ordnung Electro (Club Version)
02. 5 Minutes To Decay
03. Freak Out
04. Sentenced To Death (Dead Version)
05. Unsterbliche Gier 2009 (feat. Müller, Cyberaxis)
06. Weltenkonstrukt (Reconstructed Version)

por Arkjadark

password : dkd-4.blogspot

2 comentarios:

Anónimo dijo...

Country of origin of the band is wrong is from Ireland.
The blog has many contributors and none knew how to get this information?

Arkjadark dijo...

sorry a mistake on my standard format, when you attach the information in fact the project is from Ireland. I assume the error, do not think that because we joined several partners to the table to empty information, no, no, no, everyone works from home. Greetings! Anonimo.