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viernes, 27 de septiembre de 2013

Home » , , » Alien Sex Fiend - The Altered States Of America (Live)

Alien Sex Fiend - The Altered States Of America (Live)


Nick Fiend is an animal that opened the doors to the origin of Rock Underground in the 70s. Alien Sex Fiend is the genealogy of the denial of Western civilization, rescues the wild man of his status demosticación, and, using modern map that tracks all Dionysian excitement leads him to accept the evil of the natural human condition .

This project, as bold as its name, is the little they transcended the Batcave (genre born in the dark British Post-Punk Glam), Alien Sex Fiend is anarchy sound machines, rock is the perversion of the social system.

On this occasion, Ergô Felix Culpa, delivers a live album recorded in the USA: The Altered States Of America. An excellent album ... brutal, wild, genuine. An intoxicating album that reflects a recognition of human freedom.

EXPENTANCY: Batcave/Post Punk/Goth
FELLOW: Sex Gang Children/Zadera/Specimen

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