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miércoles, 27 de noviembre de 2013

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Cinema Strange - First Recordings, Limited Edition (Two 7" & Falling... Caterwauling)

Cinema Strange is a band considered by contemporary critics, as legendary. The legend title is exaggerated in my opinion, reasons: Its activity of a portrait of the 80s, they did not create a new musical style, his activity has been relatively intermittent , and its lines of influence and the public are ordinary people underground: face painting, outrageous outfits, young no more than 30 years, etc.

The context of Cinema Strange is not legend.

The importance, read: relevance, the group lies in resurrecting a dying style of rock that was exercised in the United States, the Deathrock… rock of Rozz Williams. In turn, Sex Gang Children (in the UK) is another great influence of Cinema Strange, sometimes a trio-quartet. Plodding torn clothing, makeup, androgyny, abstract content, dark and psychedelic, principles , all of these young people who in the decline of the U.S. and its artistic expressions published Mediterranean Widow & Hebenon Vial, a vinyl disc 7 ", to late 90s (Fall 1998). Just a few months later published two songs that had been heard in their presentations in NY, Lindsay 's Trachea & Greensward Grey.

These two vinyl 7 "underlying the formal beginning (in 1994 had published a demo of poor quality and in 1996 an edition called Acrobat Amaranth Automaton), and objective Cinema Strange, create a solid band it to draw the" flesh "of the obscure music of the 80s, punk dark, black punk was done with heroin and Glam Rock.

This pair of vinyl limited edition published by a failed experiment called: Somnambulist Productions. Having done this, it comes to light "Falling... caterwauling" the systematic symbol of their first EP, a self-titled album commercial success: Cinema Strange

Cinema Strange was part of a wave "retro-underground" that developed primarily in California and New York, whose foundation tide inspired labels, and other groups of the genus thousands of young people who tried to copy the style of groups in the suburbs of the U.S.

The influence of Cinema Strange raised legend Rozz Williams & Andy Sex Gang.

EXPENTANCY: Neo Death Rock & Gothic Rock
FELLOW: Sex Gang Children/Split Me Wide Open/Chants Of Maldoror

7" 1998

7" 1999
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